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Linoleum coated fronts.

keep linoleum colors

Our Solid wood fronts are with Linoleum coated and offer a classically elegant color palette. In addition to fresh trendy colors, there are also warm natural tones that perfectly match keep kitchen furniture.

Forbo Furniture Linoleum is not only known for its elegant look and unique feel, which is pleasantly warm to the touch and largely hides fingerprints. It also stands out for its antistatic and hygienic properties, which make it easier to clean than many other surfaces.

As a natural and environmentally friendly material, it can be flexibly shaped and used on both straight and curved surfaces. What makes it special: Linoleum from Forbo is a climate-positive building product, which makes an above-average contribution to sustainability. 

It consists mainly of rapidly renewable raw materials that actively bind CO₂ during their growth phase, thus making an active contribution to climate protection.

Free of charge to your home

Choosing colors is never easy. We know that!

So that it is not too difficult, we will gladly send our linoleum color selection from Forbo to your home.

Your samples will be with you within a few days and you can match colors where they should come to life. Right in your home ! 

In three steps to the
keep modular kitchen

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Your kitchen planning starts with a simple click to make an appointment. This is the first step on the way to your individual keep modular kitchen.

Send plan

You send us the plan of your room by email. Within 24 hours we prepare a visualization without obligation and free of charge.


In a joint video call, we coordinate the Visualization perfectly to you. This usually takes 45 minutes of your time and internet access.

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In a joint video call, we plan your keep kitchen with you. This usually requires 45 minutes of your time and Internet access.

Color sample

So that the choice of your kitchen fronts is not too difficult, we will gladly send our linoleum color selection from Forbo to your home free of charge.